Bhavana is one of several words for imagination used in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali.

Beyond the intellect, Bhavana is the action of consciously engaging the power of imagination to conjure senses, feelings, and insight, and to awake intentional action.

The practice of Bhavana was the seed that led to opening the Bhavana Boutique and our online yoga studio, Bhavana Flow Yoga

We - the creators behind the website - are Arielle Silver and Darby Orr, a married couple in Los Angeles who are both musicians, writers, and longtime yoga practicitioners. 

We are inspired by our years of yoga practice, conscious living, community, and creativity. 

To us, living a creative life gives us a deep sense of meaning, joy, and freedom. Our yoga practices keep us aligned with our values and creative vision. Bhavana is the spark that inspires our daily actions.

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